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The best Outlet Mall?

Hello everyone,

We're seasoned shoppers and are planning a trip to Vegas next month. In the past we've found that the North and South Malls can be more expensive than other cities.....presumably because Vegas is such a big draw. We've noticed that there is a Mall about 45 minutes outside Vegas called Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas.

Is it worth making the journey out there as it might be cheaper than the 2 Vegas Malls......or not?

We know its smaller but if the prices were lower then it would probably be worth the drive and we'd be happy to save a few $$$ :)


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1. Re: The best Outlet Mall?

The Premium outlets (either North or South) are pretty decent, good priced and have lots of inventory. i would recommend checking it out.

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2. Re: The best Outlet Mall?

I'm guessing the reason the Fashion Outlet mall is cheaper is because of the stores. The North Premium Outlet mall includes the higher-end designer brand names like Ferragamo, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana therefore more expensive. I guess cheap is probably a subjective thing. If you don't care to shop at those stores then I'd stick to the Fashion Outlet mall, or even the South Premium mall. I personally only go to the North Premium outlet for those designer stores specifically coz ours up here doesn't have them. I always find a good deal at the stores I listed above, but again, they're my preference of brands.

Is there a particular store you're eyeing at in any of the malls? Does the fashion outlet mall have your stores? Do you mind driving the extra 45 min to save a few $$? I've noticed for example that the price at Banana Republic Factory store is pretty much the same at all the outlet malls (maybe off by $1 or $2 but I wouldn't drive an extra 45 min just to save that when I factor in time, traffic, and gas).

To me personally, the best outlet is the North Premium Outlet. But like I said, they have my stores that the other two doesn't.

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3. Re: The best Outlet Mall?

Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas is in Primm, Nevada. This is my review from December, 2015:

We were planning to skip the mall this past trip to Vegas the week before Christmas because the Canadian dollar is doing so poorly against the American dollar. However, friends had a car so we made the trip just to have a look.

Even with our dollar hurting so badly, we found great deals at several stores, including Banana Republic and the Gap. Some of the stores are not worth a visit though. Especially disappointing was the Sketchers: the shoes were roughly the same price in American dollars as they are back home in Canadian dollars and the "buy one pair, get the second 50% off" is pathetic compared to the discounts offered in other stores in the mall.

Since we last shopped at the mall (2013?) many of the stores have closed and now sit vacant. And you might want to eat before you go: the only dining is a food court.

The mall is definitely worth a visit, even for Canadians (but do your Sketchers shopping at home).


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4. Re: The best Outlet Mall?

The NORTH Outlet has MUCH better stores then the South Outlet.

The south outlet is actually a bit on the depressing side even though they just remodeled the mall a few years ago.

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5. Re: The best Outlet Mall?

Sorry, but I always get mixed up with the north and south outlet malls. Which one is indoors? Which one is outdoors?

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6. Re: The best Outlet Mall?

South is in small cramped indoor walkways. North is outdoors.

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7. Re: The best Outlet Mall?

So long as you understand that few outlet malls, are really "outlet" malls.

Most of the stores are just retail stores, piggy-backing onto the misconception of outlet malls.

Then, many other stores sell merchandise, designed for the outlet stores. Are there exceptions? In some cases, yes.

Can one find something worthwhile, for a good price? Probably.

As to which mall to go to, I would base that solely on the stores within.

I see folk, who rent cars, to head to an outlet mall, to "save $." In too many instances, they could have likely gotten better quality, at a lower price, from a deartment store, within walking distance.

Good luck, and happy shopping,

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8. Re: The best Outlet Mall?

Thank you so much!!

We actually (quite sad really) compared & scored all of the stores we want to visit & North came out tops :). We only have 1 day between a conference so we need to be focused!!


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9. Re: The best Outlet Mall?

Skip the outlet mall in Primm Nevada unless traveling to California. It is 45 mins each way from Las Vegas.

I like the North Outlet Mall over the South Outlet Mall, unless it is raining or 110+ degrees outside. The South Outlet Mall is inside with A/C.

Have a great time in Las Vegas!

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10. Re: The best Outlet Mall?

I think outlet shopping is generally awful - old season lines no-one wanted, or seconds, or damaged stock, reduced by a few bucks only for people to go absolutely mad for it - and I think driving 45 minutes each way for it is really daft.

But if you like it enough that you're, firstly, creating charts of which mall has the more appealing shops and, secondly, are clear that you want to spend your one free day in Las Vegas doing it, then you obviously don't agree. And I respect that.

So all it should come down to is whether the shops at Primm score more highly than the ones at the North outlet.

If they do, go.

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